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Schuberth Helmets for ADVRiders

Originally Posted by Don Coyote View Post
Thanks again for your responses. Sorry my attempt to continue the alien joke was a bit too dry for a forum discussion, just wanted to recognize your contribution. ;-)

Do you happen to know what Schuberth would say about applying stickers to a helmet, if that might somehow void a warranty or something? I heard aftermarket paint can damage a helmet by chemically altering the shell and just wanted to be sure the same wouldn't be claimed for reflective safety stickers...
In no way did I feel alienated by your last joke.

For the most part, stickers will not void Schuberth's warranty.

Schuberth basically asks riders to use their best judgement. If the sticker's glue contains a strong solvent that could potentially eat through the helmet's clear coat, proceed with caution. However, if the sticker isn't anything out of the ordinary, stick away!

Also, any issues caused by a sticker's placement are not covered. For example: If you placed a sticker on the top vent and the sticker's glue melted into the vent's cracks, preventing the vent from opening / closing, it's not covered.

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

-Hi-Viz Brian
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