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I was reading an article written by Ben Cope, on VisorDown, describing an ultra light packing list for motorcycle touring. The author's 7 day/3200km sport touring ride to Morocco was his example, but the items list was short and concise. Anyone planning a ride from accommodation to accommodation, and not camping, could run as light a load, regardless of the choice bike or road surface. Just swap a spare set of goggles, instead of visor, plus some dirt gloves and you'd be set! Ben carries his kit in a backpack, we'd put it in a Rogue Dry Bag and strap it to the tail rack.

Originally Posted by Ben Cope on VisorDown
Performance Touring: How to pack light
The ultimate checklist for those who want to cover distance without being weighed down...

...The kit above is exactly what I took with me on my 7-day 3,200 mile round trip from London to Morocco. I'm not saying it's the minimum you need to take, as that's bound to provoke a response from a reader who's been around the world on two wheels with just a pair of Y-fronts and a toothpick but this is a tried and tested formula that worked for me.

Some might call this Performance Touring; it's the kit you need when you're going places fast and want to travel light.

Let's start with what's not laid out here, the kit I wore on the bike: obviously, pants, socks, followed by thermal top and bottoms, a t-shirt and neck tube. Two-piece zip-together Gore-Tex leathers, waterproof summer boots and Gore-Tex leather waterproof gloves. A helmet and a dark visor.

And here's what's in my rucksack.

Performance Touring Checklist:

LED cycle torch (really handy for all sorts of scenarios)
Driving licence and bike's V5
Soap bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, a few aspirin, paracetamol and a couple of berroca)
Puncture repair kit
Cable lock (lighter, flexible, handy if you want to leave your lid)
Chain lube (mini can is perfect)
Clear visor
Samsung Galaxy S2 (Phone, 8MP camera, GPS, proper Sat Nav, phrasebooks)
Jeans (but cotton trousers are lighter)
Cable ties (a million possibilities)
Thick all-season gloves (great when the temp drops near freezing)
T-shirts (3 really is overkill but that's what I took)
USB phone charging cable (ask hotel receptionist if you can plug it into her computer)
Lightweight gloves (great for when it's warm, also good if your other pairs get soaked)
Flip-flops (because shoes are bulky and you want a rest from wearing your boots)
Wallet (containing cash, cards, EU breakdown, health insurance card)

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