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Since another inmate was complaining about the attitude of bicyclist on a charity event ride, and "why don't the cops write tickets" rant came up....I recall this:

Several years ago, while helping support a charity bicycle ride (I drive a van to assist with the cyclists, and for the record, I ride bicycles as well) a city cop in a small town (well known for one Winston Churchill speech that defined the term Iron Curtain) was handing out tickets for the cyclists who were blowing through and not coming to a complete stop at the sign in town on the route. We were told to gently remind the following cyclists that tickets were being issued, and as participants, they were required to follow the rules of the road. This bit of wisdom was quickly passed among the riders and the rest minded their p's and q's during the day.

All I got to say is, that some people need to be reminded, and if a ticket gets their attention, so be it!

Obligatory pic...

This has gotta hurt...
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