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I did the TrailTech 100W DC conversion kit. I run the TrailTech HID X2 head light right now, while I love the output of the light, I'm not impressed with the workings of it. I have heard others complain of the delay of the lights coming on, and its the same for me. When I switch from the low beam bulb to the high beam bulb I pretty much lose light for about way to long for night driving. So I did some rewire of the switch and made it so when I go from low bulb to high bulb they all burn. It helped but at times I will lose all light. Not sure if this is something in my Doctor Enduro dual sport kit I installed or if this is normal? Trailtech said it was the bike but I have my reservations about that since I have seen other hid lights do the same. but I also dont know a hell of a lot So any input would be great. and your light system is way better looking than the TrailTech light. i will be looking at getting one for a winter remodel of the bike.
All our wiring harnesses are configured so that the low remains on when Hi is switched and the HID delay these days is very small.
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