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I bought a 442, here's my initial impression

Originally Posted by poondangle View Post
I've been searching for another helmet. I wanted a dedicated off-road only helmet so my XD4 would not take a beating. I wear the XD4, not because its the most expensive helmet, but because its the most comfortable helment I've ever owned. Arai's quality and fit and attention to detail is pretty well documented. I really do love that helmet. I have an oval head, that, for me, is hard to find a helmet that fits.

Anyway, I can't afford another Arai helmet, so I went searching for something a bit less expensive. I don't mind sacrificing on all the Arai amenities, to get a reasonably good helment and an affordable price. Its going to be beat up a bit anyways. My head just won't take HJC (thats the price range I wanted to be in). I just can't wear one of those. Other inmates suggested massaging the foam to make a better fir, but I just didn't feel comfortable doing that.

I contacted LS2, inmate Phil_Ammendolia, about their fit. He suggested that I try the LS2 MX442, as Atomic Moto was running a really good deal on them. I checked it out. That helmet normally runs in the $130 range. I got mine at Atomic Moto for $77 plus shipping, $87.74 to my door. For that amount of money, I'll take it and try it. If it doesn't work, then I'm not crying over $77!!! Here's my initial impressions:

***Note Phil warned me to make sure I ordered one size smaller than I normally wear. I usually wear a medium so I ordered a small***

1. This thing is as ugly a helmet as I've ever seen. But then again, I'm one of the ugliest people you'll ever meet, so its a wash. Seriously, I think the graphics are a horror show. But, it was $77, so who cares right.

2. Phil was right about the size, the small fits, and I doubt a medium would.

3. It does have a nice long oval shape. I do have to squeeze it by my fat cheeks, but I would say the fit is better than I would have expected for $77. I wore it around the office for about a half hour, until my assistant started to question my sanity. No forehead pain. It is tight on the cheeks, but I'm sure that will work out a bit over time. I don't have goggle with me, I'll try those tonight.

4. WOW THIS THING IS SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!!!! I hope that doesn't mean its light in the protection department. It shouldn't be, its DOT and ECE R22.05 (whatever that means). This thing is really light weight.

5. The liner material isn't Arai material, but its as good as any HJC I've owned. I also owned an AFX, and the liner material is better than that.

6. Overall, the fit and finish is pretty OK, definitely better than I would expect for $77. I would say its comparable to the last HJC I owned and tossed 'cause it didn't fit.

Here's some pictures. I will take it out for a ride and keep updating this thread as I put miles on it. Initially though, I would say its a winner, and I would purchase again. Hopefully with better graphics.

Untitled by Poondangle, on Flickr[/IMG]

Untitled by Poondangle, on Flickr[/IMG]

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