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Originally Posted by 2 SPOT View Post
how is this statement verified? did they all crash and walk away w/o head injury? or is a helmet deemed a proven performer because it simply stays on the wearers head? i guess ALL my past helmets were proven performers

i'm just poking of course,, but that is a funny statement.

oh and BTW kavan, i thought all the helmets were DOT and ECE when i started shopping for a new dual sport helmet,,, i learned later they areant, its a bit misleading.
Hi 2 Spot,

I understand how that statement can sound, but I can explain what I mean by "proven performer." There are a lot of helmets that look the part, but under tough conditions, fail. Gaskets that surround the face port and bottom of the helmet fall off. Liners don't wick moisture, lose their shape fast and fall apart. Parts fall off. And yes, though not often, some people get hurt due to helmets claiming to meet specs they don't really meet. Dakar will find the weak points in any equipment and our team riders have been very happy with them. Hope that makes a bit more sense out of my answer.

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