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Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
While I often listen to music in the car, I NEVER do it on a bike. Not only is it distracting, but for me it ruins the ride. I now wear earplugs for every ride, and have been for some time. I wish now I had been doing it longer. Inever understood why someone would want to mess up a nice ride with music or any other audio.
too each their own.

the right music can easily accompany or even accentuate the right ride.

if it is distracting or possibly annoying (this is a mood thing) I change it or just turn it off entirely.

as anything, it's another tool in the kit of life. use it accordingly.

to answer the OP question.... SMH-10 with custom drivers/speakers (ok, not "custom"... different than those that came with smh-10.)

supposedly the drivers for the Koss KTX Pro1 headphones are the same as some dedicated motorcycle helmet speakers. idk if this is true, but they are cheap headphones to be destroyed for the purpose. to this end... I expect there are numerous headphones that could be donors for the cause.

the current helmet is a RPHA-Max... don't know what the actual helmet matters, but it's a modular which is really more the issue. I can't imagine using a helmet that isn't. they are all around helmets that keep taking a drink of water, looking at a map, fiddling with * or most any other basic task the simple straightforward process they should be instead of a major time consuming undertaking. (never mind the internal sun visor aspect that a few other types now have also. sunsets... flip it up. no need to pull over and change shields)

Bluetooth connection to iPhone. for music and various uses. as helmet, headset/speakers and music selection, I think the phone itself is a personal choice. listening to music... is not so much. although I find at times it can be a bother, in general either music , podcasts and talk shows I find to increase my attentiveness during particular rides. (droning long distance rides can otherwise be boring and attentiveness diminished)


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