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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
Strong Bad .

Let it go !!!!!!
You come from OLD school Big $$$$ teams.
I have been doing these races since 1969
" so yes I am old school but No $$ teams too"
But !!!!!!

This event ( is not a race ) It is a Fun Rally and a lot of the RIDERS!
are raw and having a raidio /sat phone/Spot is better then Not having one !! JMO
Old school...... the LAST time I raced the 1000 on a bike was in the late 70's on a 250 Bultaco. Pits were all friends using their bikes for spare parts. No fucking radios or cell phones, and no one was left for dead.

This is a fun event and there is no reason to spend a bunch of money on shit that ain't really gonna help that much. Why is every one crying about cost and high dollar teams and then want to throw a bunch of money away? Funny how many have also complained about cars using gadgets like GPS, but they want wi-fi and radios? I've been on SCORE teams with ALL of the toys, bells & whistles, helicopters, semi-trucks, and entries run just to carry spare parts for the main team. We've had Ion Earth tracking systems in all the race cars and chase trucks, you could look at a screen and tell where everyone was. I'm the one saying save your money!!! Why does everyone have a problem with that?

I've got a couple of nice Kenwood hand helds I'll sell if someone wants to throw money away. They already have 151.625 programmed in one of the channels.
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