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Let it roll
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Man we had a heck of a ride.

Sesquatchie never ceases to show you a good time.

Cover a lot of ground... fast.

We had a really good group. Rode fast. Nobody got misplaced or fell back....just kept moving all day.

There wuz 6 of us that rolled out of Coalmont.

New guy Brian...





And Her Highness . . . Twisty

The mud was just thawing as we started. And it was WET. It was super slick till about 2 hours after we started riding. I think all of us learned how to ride with our front wheel on the hogsback and the rear wheel in the rut.

The group really never stopped and there wasn't much carnage so there I didnt get many pics.

Came across some timber trouble. Twist and T13 made qwick work of it

That little hand chainsaw Twist had really cut thru fast.

We were going down theis muddy rut and my bike stopped rolling.

Took us a while to figure it out. One of the links in my chain wasn't "bending' like it should so when it came around the front sprocket it was sbumped up a little but and wouldn't make it past the clutch guard. Weird that the smallest little thing could stop a bike.

It was a nice day for lunch outside at the Palmer store.

We took of down into the gulfs. The water was a little high and the lines were all messed up from high winter water levels.

Other than that it was uneventful. A good ride with good riding buddies. I don't think there are any more pics or vids. That's pretty much it.
We gunna debitchulate you boy . . . .
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