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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Maybe on a clean track, with sticky sportbike rubber. On a public road, riding on tires that aren't warm sportbike rubber, sometimes the tires WON'T hold, and one may have to be better/luckier than their tires in those conditions.
This reply was to another poster that said when in doubt, make the bike lean, because it most likely will do it! Sure it takes trust, trust in the bike, trust in the traction, trust in your own riding abilities, trust in having the guts/balls,cojones to get it done.

But the quote above, makes it sound like the track is the only place this works, or that the tires won't hold. I say it is FAR more lilely the tires WILL hold and the bike WILL make the turn. But, SO many riders never approach what the bike can do, or has to do, and in so doing give it up to whatever results, that being "the bike wouldn't make the turn." I say it is more likely the bike will make the turn, so don't give it up. Why ride on the "sometimes" attitude when the bike/tires will perform? Go for it when you have to.
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