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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
Where does this crap come from indeed.

There is nothing wrong with an adult starting out on a big twin (no matter what brand) Cruiser. They are easy to ride. In some ways easier than the smaller bikes. (for people that are just learning clutch discipline)

The key is simply to admit they do indeed NEED TO LEARN. So many never bother.

My Street-bob was not easy to ride at ALL compared to my other bikes, It was a pig at slow speeds, I mean sure once you're above 20 It's all relative, but around town or any kind of low speed maneuvers? Hell no.. And as much as we all like to make jokes about how "Slow" Harley's are, The Torque will sneak up on you quick if you're not careful, Then again I was never 100% At ease with that bike..
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