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G.R. It has already proven to be effective as after fourteen years from the first time I noticed the red roofs that I actually paused long enough to appreciate it. I don't have this problem on a trail, mountain, lake, or ocean just when I'm on the fringe between civilization (ie. riding, driving, working, living day to day) and something interesting that's been put in my path. The trick is to recognize and step into that world, if only briefly, to truly see what caught your attention and take it in.
I read a book on "Mindfullness" and it helped me to realize / notice the little things in life and to live in the moment. All too often the human race (especially the fast paced western lifestyle) is in a hurry and life is a blur. Most people I know are crazy busy 24/7 and they "choose" to live this way, even though they don't think that they do. I'm busy as well, married, raising 4 kids, work fulltime...blah, blah, blah.

But me & my wife "choose" not to let life control us and one way to do that is to buy out time from our schedule/responsibilities on a regular basis for ourselves. We went on a 3hr hour relaxing afternoon motorcycle ride yesterday and sat in the sunshine by a lake for 30 min. in the mtns. Just soaking in the sounds of nature and feeling the heat on our skin. It was very refreshing.

Keep doing what your doing. It looks like your having a great time on 2 wheels!
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