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Ninja Spoked wheel's W/ KTM suspension

Originally Posted by sailah View Post
I have a set of 17" KTM sumo wheels, 5" rear and 3.5" front. The hub is not a Cush drive.

I have a KTM Cush drive hub available and want to build a set of 17/19 for my ninja which is using KTM dirt bike suspension.

Can I/should I replace the 5" rear rim to the Cush drive? It seems you recommend 4.25". The rim does fit as I am running a sprocket spacer and I'd be running 95/5 tires on this setup as I have a full 18/21 dirt setup.

Or should I just sell the whole sumo setup and buy rims and spokes to relace to available hubs?

I'm guessing that the spokes are different on the Cush hub vs non Cush hub?



Yes selling these wheel's to cover cost's for the wheel's you want would be the best way to get more out of the wheel's you have, but would take longer.

We would take the old part's on trade in, but we would need to see them in order to give you an exact cost of trade in.

If you are riding with the 19/17 setup we would recommend the 19 x 2.5 front, and 17 x 4.25 rear for a better setup with tire's and the ability to run on dirt roads if you wanted to. Also the 5'' with a 160 tire won't give you a better ride compared to the 17 x 4.25 with a 150/70-17 tire.

The Cush drive hub's do require a different spoke set than the non-cush drive setup.

We can build you a set with billet hub's, rear cush, stainless steel spokes/nipples black excel 19 x 2.5, 17 x 4.25 rim's, it would be $1,989 + shipping for the set.

If you have more specific questions, it would be best to email us at

Thanks Zach
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