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Originally Posted by woody's wheel works View Post
Woody perhaps can answer more specifically in the future, but this a start:

Nipple holes can have different spacings because there are several factors going into the drilling of the rim.
- how the spokes come out of the hub
- how big a diameter the hub is and how wide it is
- what size rim is being used (16, 17, 18...)
- the number of holes on the rim (28, 32, 36, 40, 60...)
- type of lace pattern used and number of cross's on the spokes(Euro or Jap, x2, x3, x4)
- who designed the lace pattern, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Harley, etc.

and others.

Generally speaking the number of holes is a factor of four and thus the spokes are in clusters of four which should be evenly spaced from the next set of 4. The set of four are typically the inners & the outers from each side of the hub.

So, the spacing of the holes takes in these factors and thus you will see a variety of combinations.

If you reply with a photo or add one your to a post of the 2 wheels you described, can provide more specific answer to the difference between those 2 wheels.


Hi folks ,,Chris did a great job explaining most of it...

So from Saigon a few more tidbits:

1,,,different engineers solve the location of the dimples to accommodate the spokes not touching each other...hence move dimple location

2,,, straight spokes have to follow the path dictated by their origin in the hub ( or as in the case of all of BMWs X-laced tubeless wheels...which have no dimples...the angles of the spoke in lips of rim have to go to their specific destination to the nipples in the hub.) and the dimples are placed accordingly in the rim

3,,,when a rim is not centered on the hub for balanced lateral loads,,,some manufacturers resort to X-lacing. Ie taking spokes from one side of hub ,,then crossing over the centerline to obtain better triangulation/strength ,,,,

4,,, Harley Davidson narrow glide front wheels use all inner spokes to accommodate the spokes not hitting the brake avoid the spokes binding they resorted to having all the inner-inner spokes cross over ala x-lace technique to solve their dilemna

Ok enough explaining,,,got to find fellow inmate VietHorse

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