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Originally Posted by Disco Stu View Post
Maybe the girl from the original Overton Park sign commissioned it so she'd be able to stop seeing herself as she drove into work each morning.
I was coming back from a luncheon 2 hours ago and glanced over there while stopped at the light. There are a couple of ladders leaned up on the thing and a rope or two dangling down. Someone in jeans and a flannel shirt is stooped over showing a magnificent amount of white plumbers crack with not even a hint of drawers. It stands up and since I have way less than zero interest in male crack, I'm relieved to see its a she. She then as I drive by and no word of a lie, it could be the girl from the poster. A little older, hair a little darker (probably laid off the peroxide) but it really could be her.

I couldn't get the window down in time to ask if she was one of the few color blind females in the world though. I was blinded by crack I guess.
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