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Interesting, I have a 2011 990 with the exact same symptoms. Bike runs perfectly under power, on decel, overrun, etc. But every once in a while, if stopped at a light with the clutch pulled in, when rolling on the gas the bike will pop/fart and then stall. It'll start right back up and run like mad, but the occasional stalling thing has me stumped.

I've :
Sync'd the Throttle bodies
Set the TPS
Checked the Map (Powertripp)

I will be:
Checking the valves this next service (but they were fine at the last check)
Replacing the plugs

I'm running a foam filter now, but the issue occurred prior to the new filter. I've just started rolling on the gas harder/earlier from a stop. It's a band-aid, but I haven't a clue what else to check.
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