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Damn, that looks like hell! Also rather familiar, sadly. I'm glad I didn't have to deal with a neck injury and a staph infection on top of my already-existing injury! Good thing we humans are so resilient.

The 3rd metatarsal seems to have moved back closer into line, and remained there. The surgeon today felt it and said, "Huh. Well, good!"

An ADVrider fella came over a little while ago, looked at the DR350 in the faint glow of my backyard lights, and kicked it over pretty easily. He rode it around and came back and handed me a wad of bills...and full of feelings of regret and relief and closure and uncertainty, I watched him ride away on the slick and shining streets in the rain. May they have excellent adventures together.

I took a rifle class at the local range this weekend, and was actually able to hobble up and down the range, transition from prone shooting position to sitting, kneeling and standing, even under time pressure--pretty proud about that. I was also faced with the realization that my ability to concentrate and my energy levels are greatly reduced from the levels they once occupied. This made the first day frustrating--my shooting was all over the place and I couldn't get a handle on what I was doing wrong. Fortunately things started to come together the second day and went much better. Resilience! It will take a while to work back to hyper-alert motorcyclist mode, nonetheless. Another goal to work towards.

Unfortunately I injured myself overdoing it in the lap pool yesterday. I tried a little water jogging and suddenly it felt as if hot knives were slicing through the butter of my foot. I got to the edge of the pool and got myself under control with some pain-breathing exercises and some help from my partner, but the damage was done. Went in to see the surgeon and the physical therapist today, and was told I likely injured my arch from overdoing exercise before the foot was fully stabilized. They think the tibialis anterior tendon is probably inflamed, and there is likely at least one large nerve that gets pinched by the screws in the foot.

Did not get reassurance; got serious faces and "hmm" and "I'm surprised there wasn't more nerve pain before now" and a prescription for rest, ice, elevation...and neurontin. They want to prevent a chronic pain cycle from beginning. Gah.

For now, it's back on the crutches.

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