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The Overland jacket and pants are ideal for me. Addressing the knee armor has me thinking that no manufacturer can design or produce any garment that will fit all people perfectly. That said, a little backside-adhesive velcro tends to the knee pad re-positioning quite nicely. As for Klim's statement that the pads are designed to float... Well, that's just an inherent design function to allow the pants to have the latitude to accommodate countless leg sizes, layering possibilities, compression suits, moto armor and so on.

Short of custom fit/tailored garments, I think Klim's ergos are second to none.

I normally use their minimally armored PowerXross Pullover as my go-to around the town waterproof top, and find the Overland jacket a confidence inspiring substitute in it's place. I also have the Badlands jacket/pants and it sure is nice to have a lighter weight, highly functional alternative for even greater condition pairing.

Concerning the complaints about the lack of arm ventilation, you're right. However, if Klim were to integrate them (or various other desirable features), they would be dis-incentivising customers to move up in their product line. That would just be poor marketing.

For me the Overland system likely represents precisely what Klim was going after... An excellent, price conscious approach to a popular entry to mid-line offering.

In the end we get a durable, waterproof, Goretex suit with legendary Klim quality for under $800.00.

Nuff said.
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