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Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
What we now call the 250 class is what you used to call the 125 class. Then we started calling it the Lites class. Never was either the prominent or the premier class.

When they killed the 500cc class the 250 two stroke class became what Ralph would call the premier class but when 4 strokes came along that 250 designation had to change. The old 250 class is now the 450 class. The current 250 class designation is the same (or similar) as was used for the 250 two stroke.

yes I've got all that. now try to pay attention.

Nate made the statement (since removed) that the step up from the 250's to the 450's is a big one.

to which while I agree that to be true they have also in effect diminished the brightness of the star that used to be the 250 class that ran in the 70's/80'/90's.

back in the 70's since Honda and Kawasaki either didn't have an open class bike (Honda) or dropped it for a few years (KX450/400) the 250 class with Gary Jones, Tony D, Hannah, Howerton, all capturing consecutive titles was kind of the premier class, and it carried into SX, proven by the fact that the only years there was a 500 SX class was 74/75, while the 250 SX class ran from 74 to 2004, so again, for Nate to say that the step from the 250's to the 450's is a big step, it's only FAIR TO POINT OUT THAT THE 250 CLASS USED TO BE THE PREMIER CLASS ALL THING CONSIDERED.
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