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Originally Posted by JustinP View Post
My momma always said the only stupid question is the one one you didn't ask :)

In other news:

Dimmers will be in very soon. Price point will put them at about $30 each with the permanent ADV discount :). If you need a simple, robust dimmer, that eliminates the need for a secondary switch - this will have you covered!

Within the next few weeks we'll be introducing our new 4.5 inch, single LED, 25 watt spot light. We'll be doing a one time group buy deal on these, so make sure to check back if you're interested. After that, our normal pricing will be in effect. These will be the best lumen per dollar value on the market!

For now, here's some teaser pics :)

Massive light throw needs big reflectors - these lights are comparable in size to a 4-4.5 Inch HID:

When we say "spot", we're not kidding :). These lights throw far and TIGHT.

Optional clear and yellow snap-on covers allow you to tailor the beam to your needs in as much time as it takes to pop the lens covers on!

More details coming soon. Any questions? Post them here!

Any more info? Weight per lamp? Cost?

Cheers n thanks!

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