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Originally Posted by ruffntuff View Post
Lane Splitting San Francisco


Itís easy after splitting lanes on a regular basis to feel like the entire road is yours and the concept of lanes doesnít exist at all. You can ride anywhere around any obstacle. The lines between the lanes almost become invisible and Iíd have to remind myself when traffic started breaking up to stop ignoring them. It was hard not to forget the rules.

As tempting as it was to weave through traffic at high speeds, I felt smarter sticking to the normal rules of passing. Itís an easy thing to forget on a bike in California. I saw many reckless riders I chose not to follow.

[...] Unfortunately the luxury of lane splitting, like anything else, can be abused. Thatís why I had to set boundaries for myself.

But Iíll admit, once you lane split, itís hard not to do it all the time. It becomes a desirable challenge for the thrill. Itís like solving a puzzle or working through a maze to find a way around obstacles executing fast decisions. Itís empowering and itís fun.

This is very thoughtful. I think those of us who periodically get involved in halfhearted petitions to introduce lane splitting on the east coast are doomed to failure until we have good answers to these issues. I just can't see a critical mass or people supporting or acquiescing to lane splitting in the DMV, at least, when their vision of what it means is a bunch of reckless squids tearing past them in traffic. The sad thing is that they are probably right a lot of the time. Perhaps something more limited like letting motorcycles use the shoulders on interstates in rush hour? Not ideal, especially with the debris, but we have pretty diabolical traffic here.

I applaud you for your restraint.
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