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Originally Posted by Dirtyboydeadly View Post
Hey planktonnn "Dave" recons that your starting issues are tight valve related. Hope that helps �
Clearances were last set by "Ian Dave" 1500 or so miles ago. The right jug always catches first and generally sounds very slightly on the close end of about right, whether cold or warm. The left jug clatters slightly more, and is the one that doesn't like to catch. Last time "Ian Dave" did the clearances it was the left that needed most adjustment...

It's no doubt relevant that, not having a centre stand, the left jug seems to sort of wet sump oil down into the inclined cylinder a little, what with always being on the side stand 'n' ting, and it blows this out when it catches. Rings were new in post '82 barrels at the original rebuild. EDIT: You're right, valve clearances are definitely on the go-to list tho/ough.

New plugs and pulling the battery out for a top-up/charge have both helped to get it started & doing very limited mileage, but it's still reluctant to cold start and this was after a couple of relatively dry days so the bike wasn't wet thru/ough. It still coughs back into the left carb at medium revs/medium throttle in any gear. As before, adding or subtracting the slightest bit of throttle clears this.

Still not riding it further than pushing back distance...
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