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Originally Posted by ghostbuster2 View Post
Here are a few big bike friendly possibilities to Hawthorne, though a torrential downpour/flash flood could change that. You already know about Hwy 208, County 3C, and Lucky Boy Pass Rd so I did not include them.

Fort Churchill track takes you across the dry lake and cross country like I described in my earlier post. You can stay on Simpson Rd if you like and still end up at Hooten Well. The power line road into Yerington is easy stuff.

Mickey Canyon track has some rocks on it but it is pretty well tamped down from all the quad and 4 wheeler traffic but it can see some damage from severe rain, watch out for ditches.

Weed Heights track has some gravel in the wash but it is pretty well packed down and you are going uphill so it is easier IMO. There is a new mine up there so watch out for truck traffic.

To Powerline is easy and takes you to a powerline road that is more interesting than riding down 3C.

Not much in the way of food in Silver Springs but in Yerington I like the deli in the Mexican Market across from the courthouse on Main Street. There is also a deli at the fuel stop in Smith. There is fuel in Silver Springs, on Johnson Lane between hwy 395 and Sunrise Pass Rd and in Yerington. There is also fuel in Smith but they only have regular and diesel, no premium.

This is just a small sampling of what is out there and it is all big bike friendly. Have fun, maybe I'll see you out there.

NOTE. Just remembered that the Sunrise Pass track starts just off Sunrise Pass Rd. When you hit the end of Johnson Lane and it turns to dirt there is a dirt road that comes in on the right about 100 yards into the dirt and drops in to cross a small wash, this is Sunrise Pass Rd. There is a sign there but it could be knocked down. Just stay on the graded road, though the 2 short 2 track deviations from Sunrise Pass Rd in the first couple of miles are doable on big bikes there is a sandy wash on the 2 track accessed on Juniper Valley Rd that you have to drop into, ride about 30 yards then climb out. Sunrise Pass Rd is pretty much a highway but watch out for oncoming traffic.
Thanks, this is great! Just one question: in the last paragraph, are you saying the Juniper Valley Ranch Rd detour is better for big bikes? Or should a big bike stay right and keep on Sunrise Pass Road?
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