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Not motos, but similar situation.

Quite a few years back I loved anything and everything related to old Volkswagens. Wanted to own an old VW restoration shop like you see out in SoCal. So I went the auto mechanic route, worked for a couple Chrysler dealers. After working on peoples cars all day, the last thing I wanted to do was come home and play with my own cars. Much like gynecologists don't look at super models all day, I didn't work on Dodge Vipers all day.
I learned not to mix hobbies with work. It will suck the fun right out of it. Same thing with music when I was in high school, went to college for music and it became work and no longer fun.

Now if was actually working on old VW's all day instead of people's junk filled minivans? Maybe it would be fun. But I still try not to mix hobbies and work.
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