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EWS fault and stuck in Ushuaia


I saw your reference to bad battery. I have a new (2 actually) antenna and have tried to start the bike with them. I'm getting an intermittent fault that is getting worse for sure. The antennas did not help although I thought it was a bit better, ie frequency of good starts improved a bit.

Do you know what else I could try. What defines a battery problem, the bike was starting first time even after being stood for months and just prior to this problem I had covered 2000 miles in about 5 days so I assume it's charged.

I've disconnected the battery for the night to see if the ECU needs a rest, can't hurt.

Any help anyone can offer will be much appreciated as I'm about to stick the bike on a truck or boat to Buenos Aires.

Unless it's something trivial I'm concerned about using the bike further for this kind of thing. I generally travel alone and it could have been a lot worse as I was on very remote roads.

In addition both shocks are now leaking.

Cheers dave
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