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Originally Posted by daveburton View Post

I saw your reference to bad battery. I have a new (2 actually) antenna and have tried to start the bike with them. I'm getting an intermittent fault that is getting worse for sure. The antennas did not help although I thought it was a bit better, ie frequency of good starts improved a bit.

Do you know what else I could try. What defines a battery problem, the bike was starting first time even after being stood for months and just prior to this problem I had covered 2000 miles in about 5 days so I assume it's charged.

I've disconnected the battery for the night to see if the ECU needs a rest, can't hurt.

Any help anyone can offer will be much appreciated as I'm about to stick the bike on a truck or boat to Buenos Aires.

Unless it's something trivial I'm concerned about using the bike further for this kind of thing. I generally travel alone and it could have been a lot worse as I was on very remote roads.

In addition both shocks are now leaking.

Cheers dave
Dave, from my experience and many others the EWS/'ring' failure is not intermittent? Tho' I have not read this complete thread, but am talking from my experiences primarily.

People's good or bad fortune with batteries seem to vary, but here are some tips. Electronic devices plugged into AUX (non-CAN-bus sockets) do draw current, called parasitic draw. Best unplug these devices. Some devices even with 'switch off' draw current. Some CAN-bus sockets are faulty and do not properly 'shut-off', also drawing current with the device plugged in.

Some people have 'Deltran Battery Tenders'. Many leave them plugged in all of the time and have good results, others have claimed they have ruined their good battery. I hedge my bet by putting bikes on BT's with a Christmas light timer so that the timer turns it on for 1-hour per day for battery maintenance.

Batteries for some BMW's owners seem to be their Achille's Heel. If I were traveling on remote roads I'd give some consideration to keeping something that could start/augment/jump battery in an emergency. There are lots of alternatives, they do take space in the pannier but peace of mind can be worth it.

Good luck, surely I didn't tell you anything you didn't know.
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