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EWS fault and stuck in Ushuaia


Nothing I didn't know but still very much appreciated as it gives me assurance for the decisions I'm making.

Jumped the bike from a truck this morning, it started but was completely erratic in terms of fueling and the electronic display. It then repeated the fault numerous times when connected to the truck so battery issue eliminated (at least using my logic.)

Re-connect 2 different antennas and same problem. Conclusion, ECU or some type of electronics control. Could be a short as well I think from the antenna to the ECU.

Due to timing and already down 4 days capitulated and arranging to load onto a truck bound for Buenos Aires. Great bike shop here, very helpful but unable to sort problem due to diagnoistic gear needed.

I'll get a set of WESA wilbur GS shocks -25mm organised as well since mine are now leaking badly after the rough roads.

Not happy but reconciled to our fate this time.

Any views on suspension upgrades, I'll let you know what the fault is once we have it fixed. Mech here thinks it'll probably be a trapped wire as likely as anything else and that will just take time to track down however he was concerned about us heading along our route as is. We'll be pretty remote in Southern Chile so proobably best to quit ahead.

cheers dave
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