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Originally Posted by sandalscout View Post
It's been a mixed bag. Usually on Saturday, a decent group gets together and heads to Willow Pond in Aurora. A lot of us also bring camp stoves and cook for ourselves. We have been treated in the past with a awesome breakfast spread, and TK brought a roast or something in the fall.

I'm sure as things get closer, we'll start laying the plan out.
We have suffered the tragic loss of our 104 lb. Tea Cup Great Pyrenees "Bubba".

In his absence our fox problem has gotten way out of hand & we're losing birds regularly. We do have a new puppy(Pucko) but, he's just a tiny little 55 lb. thing & only barks at the fox as he runs off with one of our girls. In another month or two little Pucko will probably start dropping the hammer on the fox like Bubba did but, that doesn't help NOW.

I regret to inform everyone that I will NOT be bringing any Chicken Fruit for this Springs event but, we've got 40 chic's coming in the mail any day now so I might be able to bring Chicken Fruit for next Springs event. The chic's probably won't be laying in time for the Fall ride but, who knows?

Perhaps we can agree to bring store bought food & fixens so we can continue our tradition of a healthy breakfast each mourning before the riding starts? I suppose I could bring in some un-healthy, hormone filled store bought eggs, if anyone is willing to sink to THAT level. A high performance machine doesn't run on an empty tank & I enjoy breakfast.
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