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Originally Posted by Velocity Sportsgear View Post
I was hoping you could name me a heated motorcycle glove that is CE tested.
Actually, I thought that yours was:
"Yes our stuff meets CE specifications."

In the photo which you provided, your gloves appeared similar to my Velocity Gear Formula summer gloves, which do indeed have CE certification, and so I accepted your initial answer as being true based upon looks only. My clarification question was asked because the most recent CE certification is apparently not as stringent as the old, and I was wondering which standard your gloves met. Now I know that the correct answer is neither.

Unfortunately, you may be correct, and there may be no heated gloves that meet the new CE standard, let alone the older more stringent one. Were one available, it would, of course, only demonstrate that one sample pair had met the standard, and that the company had felt that spending the money on the certification process was a worthwhile investment and so could serve to separate the manufacturer from others offering a similar product, but some buyers such as myself still consider this certification to be meaningful.

I was not implying that your gloves were deficient, as they share many features with my CE certified pair. I was only asking for clarification of the standard as mentioned above. Even though your initial response regarding CE certification could be interpreted as untrue and misleading, I did not assume this was the case at all, and I was genuinely thanking you for clarifying the point.

As for this last post of yours, I am not sure what point you are making? My immediate reaction upon reading it was that I had somehow inadvertently struck a nerve.

As a manufacturer you should welcome interest and questions about your product, and if you have chosen not to do the CE certification route, then say so and tell us why. $300 is a big chunk of change, and I expect someone lightening my wallet by this amount to be honest and respectful towards me as a potential customer. My questions were not meant to be "gotcha", but your reaction implies that that is how they were received.
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