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Don't tailgate. It is recommended to keep 2 seconds behind the vehicle ahead. I prefer 4 or more seconds. Just watch the vehicle ahead pass a landmark and count one thousand one, one thousand two and so on. If you get passed and that vehicle takes up your cushion space, slow and open it up again. I do the same in cars.
When following a vehicle on a two way street or one with intersections, the distance a motorcycle should leave to the vehicle ahead should be much more than if you're driving a car. If you ride at a normal car distance, a car coming in the opposite direction wanting to turn across the traffic, or waiting at a side intersection to enter or cross the traffic, can really only see the larger vehicle in front of you. If it is a truck you are following you will definitely be totally hidden. They will think there is nothing there and turn across straight into you.

Traffic lights are particularly problematic where cars want to hot-foot it turning across a break in the traffic. You should leave a large enough gap so that you are clearly visible to vehicles ahead without the car or truck you are following hiding you in anyway what so ever. Behind a large vehicle this can be quite a gap you need to maintain, anything up to 3 or 4 normal car distances back.
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