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Originally Posted by js73751 View Post
I pose this for those far more worldly than I. There has been a bit of a "quiet period" with few updates from his close friends and family. Is this indicative of past "history" of the resolution of an opportunistic kidnapping?


So I think I can add one data point here. A little on my background first, my Mom and setepfather lived in Mexico City up until 2003 or so. My stepdad lived there from 1962 and when he married my Mom she moved down there in 1986. Back then, kidnapping was somewhat uncommon but definitely on the rise. By the time they left in 2003, approximately 35% of their friends had been kidnapped at one point in time. All kidnapping events ended with the hostage being returned safely once the randsom was paid. Typically the lifecycle of these events were a few days, a week maximum. So to answer your question above, I would say no and that this long wait is not typical but anything is possible these days.

I sincerely hope for Harry and his family's sake that if he is kidnapped, the delay is what someone stated above and negociations are in progress.

Although, as I stated before, given the area he was in I'm more apt to think he had a solo accident but we are all guessing at this point.

My sincerest hopes and thoughts go out to everyone involved that he is found.

Cheers, James
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