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Hey guys,

I've been a professional fabricator (museum exhibition, high end furniture, structural steel, retail design, other people's art, etc.) and college adjunct professor in sculpture for about 10 years. I'm really good at it, and I hate it. Well, I love teaching, but the current state of higher ed is really fucking sad, and I want no part of it after my experiences the last few years with profit hungry administrations. I also love making things, but not building huge ultra-expensive shit I dont care about that requires heavy lifting and athletic contortionism all day every day, being in someone else's windowless warehouse, on someone else's profit deadlines, etc.

I've been thinking about starting my own business for a while, originally fabrication/furniture. But it hit me, why not motos? add in that I have an awesome lady, also into motos, also a skilled fabricator with tons of mechanical experience, and what i lack... great organizational and people skills. and she's excited to start the business with me.

my holdup is that I used to work in bicycle shops as a mechanic, and I know from experience that the majority of bike shop owners are bitter cyclists who love cycling and have come to hate running a bike shop. and they are shitty people to work for, even when they are awesome outside of the shop.

So have you owned a moto business? What type? Did you find, to your surprise, that having motos be your income made you hate them or the business?

Thanks for the input.


I have worked in the retail part of the motorcycle industry and the key factor to realize is that no one in the United States thinks you deserve to make dime one in any dealings with motorcycles.

You are expected to sell every motorcycle at or below cost or you are branded a "stealership". If you make 20% profit on any parts or accessories you are a thief. That is why so many dealerships fail. They try to meet those expectations or will lie to make you think they are meeting them. The only dealers that are semi-immune are Harley dealers and BMW dealers.

In other words, be prepared to be reamed by anyone and everyone if you do anything with motorcycles.
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