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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
There was a young motorcycle road racer in the late 1990's. He raced 250GP TZ's on AMA. I think he was champ one year too. His name is Roland Sands. Turns out he is an artist like you. Plus his Dad built a mondo custom Harley parts mfg called Precision Machine. Mostly wheels for choppers.

Roland walked away from all that to start a custom bike fab shop of his own. His work is unlike anything anybody else builds. They are working sculptures. They are a unique mix of performance and classic elements. His racing roots are clearly on display in all of his masterpieces. He's in LA. You should reach out and see if you could work in his studio for a few months. You probably have skills he could take advantage of, and you might learn something special about yourself.
You honestly think he "walked away" from that?

I'm betting he started goofing around long before he set up shop and I'm sure Dad had no problem cooperating with him and probably being a significant contributor to making it fly. Ever notice all that PM stuff on his bikes? I think that lets you know the connection is still there and I'm betting all his custom parts were originally made on PM equipment for sure. Odd are also that some of it still is.
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