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Looks like the OP already made a decision but I never let being late to the party stop me. I have two comments:

1) If you haven't yet read it, check out "Shop Class as Soulcraft" ;

It's a great book and even if it has no impact on anybody's decision, it's still a very provocative read, especially for those of us in white collar jobs.

2) For a number of years I lived in Park City UT, which you may know is a ski resort town. All winter long tourists would go to the state owned liquor store to buy their wine, which was not kept cold, and their beer, which also wasn't kept cold. They would ask "Do you have ice? Chips? A corkscrew? Cups? Mixers? etc." Nope, the liquor store only sold liquor. So Mrs. Skifast and I thought it would be a great idea to open up a little shop right next door where we'd sell all the stuff regular liquor stores on earth sell. And we thought we'd be super clever and buy one of those wine chillers and offer to chill the wine or beer for free. It takes three or four minutes, have a look around. We wrote up a business plan. We had all of our assumptions nailed and low balled them all. With the cost of the lease, we may have barely scratched by. We thought about it and bailed.

Six months later, the state closed the store for an 8 month remodel. We would have been totally screwed.
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