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Originally Posted by Two Plugs View Post
Time to become a member and support the forum you are using!
Next ride is soon... March 16, McDonalds Bussum, 10:00-11:00 AM (departure 11:00) Come along and meet the gang!
I almost became a member. And I went to a maintenance event at Ad's. But then I started doubting it as events are always on dates when I am otherwise engaged. Plus, I normally hang out at the XJRider forum as that is where I started out when I got an old Yamaha XJ600. I also hang out at a regional forum because those are all guys around where I live. And lately I have been interested in the ADV forum as I like the idea of travel. Though the TA might not be my ultimate bike for that. ;)
So, not sure about actually being an active member. Yet. But that might come.
Oh, and I am busy on the 16th and won't be able to be there. Sorry. ;)
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