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Currently we are trying to figure out why we have a huge electricity consumption. 2 people should not be using 1200kw/h in 30 days, even with a pool. There has got to be a fault somewhere.
Just going thru this with a customer. Who are you with? Any spikes during any months? With your power bills do you get a comparison from the previous year?
Are they actual readings or estimates? Do you have remote meters ie meters inside the house with lil numbers outside Are your meters old?
Do you have one particular meter reading higher than others? Do you have a seperate flat attached or out building.

Do you have solar hot water; if so is it on economy or 24hr?
gas hob or electric;
heatpump? big or small?
Does your wife do a lot of baking?
Pool heated by any means?
Any immigrant families stashed away in the garage?
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