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In these type of kidnappings, the FBI recommends complete silence and no media coverage until the crisis is resolved. Frustrated families of course, want the world to know what happened believing this will facilitate a quicker resolution. It won't.

Professional kidnappers are tech savvy enough to monitor the Internet for how much noise is being generated in the media as well as chat-rooms. The more noise, the higher the victim's profile--which leads kidnappers to believe they have a valuable hostage worthy of holding out for a larger ransom.

Or, if there is too much noise, the victim becomes a "hot potato" making the kidnappers afraid that they have bit off more than they can chew--and now worry about too much heat.

I realize that we all want to voice our concern over this situation where one of our own might be in trouble, but the less chatter, the better. Mean spirited commentary here is offensive as well as extremely painful to the victims family who are suffering while pondering the potential outcomes.

If you are compelled to comment, voice your support through direct communication with the family. Or email directly with local riders in Mexico.
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