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Originally Posted by Carlos M View Post
Thanks for editing my Brodomath. I couldn't find "CP by Stagehours" on Mischa's, nor actual DSS hours. I guess I am rusty

Does the new DSS hour affects the CutOFF at CP2 estimation?

Boy, we sure are beating a dead horse, are we not?
just... a... bit... more... ... I think I saw it twitch!

No the theoretical "cut off" at CP2 remains the same at 15:49 pm... I had accounted for the delayed start in my original calculation on post # 3907

So according to the time stamps on mischa's tracking site for CP2 of SS3 (Canyongate) there were seven riders who passed that CP2 after the 15.49 pm cut-off time and went on to the San Juan bivouac via the "course"... the last of them being Mike Johnson at 18:17 pm.

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