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I'm getting the itch!

Originally Posted by godaddygo View Post
I am in on the easy part..I have seen what your call hard and that would be not fun on my DR-650...oh I have that promised vapor instrument ready for you...have the speedo and temp sensor and the price is right...I have your card and will give you a call. Sorry for the delay.
Hey godaddygo! I thought you dropped off the planet! You said you'd been meaning to head up to Lemonade Peak anyway, right?
I wasn't about to ask any questions about the Vapor... I just figured you had second thoughts about giving it away and I wouldn't blame you. No hurries.

Originally Posted by Ladybug0048 View Post
Riding is always of interest. Need a date to determine just how interested.

If you and Paul couldn't make it up there on your first attempt that leaves me wondering just how doable the hard route is.
It's looking like this has at least enough interest to start planning and make a date.
I've never tried to herd cats.... that sounds like an adventure in itself!
Let's be clear.... I wasn't having any problems. I think that hill has something against either KTMs or trials tires, but Paul made it up a little less-far every time he tried. I doubled back to see where he was and only found a helmet. I shut off my bike to listen and all I heard was muddled curse words off in the distance.

Originally Posted by Edwards View Post
This sounds familiar. Although I could be thinking of another ridge but I dont have my maps in front of me. I rode a ridge near Slate Saddle that took me to Bad Tom and it seemed like it headed towards Pinehurst? At any rate it was a beautiful area and great ride.

This sounds fun to me. I would have to decide which group to ride with.
I think Bad Tom is over south of Wallace. Lemonade is directly south of Pinehurst, only 6 1/2 miles from the Kootenai county line. That area is one of the best kept secrets of Idaho's trails. Everyone heads to Wallace to ride because the trails are easily accessible and popular, but with a little digging, you uncover a whole jackpot of crazy trails that only the locals ride around Pinehurst and eastern Kootenai County.
I hate bear grass.
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