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Originally Posted by flei View Post
I'm sure I will get flamed for this, but here's my .02

I am a rider and a firefighter/emt/search/rescue responder with 20+ years experience (NOT in Calif.). Search and rescue is a serious undertaking and we are highly trained professionals. Organizing and executing a search and rescue is a major operation. Good communications are paramount. In the age of scanners etc., volunteers often show up at search and rescue operations eager to help. While lay bystanders do want to help, often when they try to do so they make matters worse. It may be as simple as obscuring the track of the lost party, or making noise that covers an SOS, or as complex as a supposed-rescuer getting lost or injured.

If you want to help, please think about doing it right. I suspect there are volunteer search and rescue units in your area that would welcome folks with local knowledge and outdoor skills who wish to join.

Thanks for listening!
Much respect brutha. I'm a California native and I've never seen dangerous weather in this state, boy I did in Nebraska though! Real scary actually. I think it was a bad call still, the weather wasn't all that bad really. After all this is California. No flame man....
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