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Originally Posted by Little Bike View Post
Well, I broke my leg. And I wasn't even riding!
I was rolling the bike up the ramp into the van to drive up to ride in the desert and I was having a hard time with the last oomph over the lip so I did what I did last time, carefully snuck around to the front. This time instead of pulling in the bike I got almost to the front and I think the front wheel turned right and that caused the bike to start going over. I tried to save it and the next thing I knew I heard this horrible noise as my right knee went SIDEWAYS.....

Finished dropping the bike to end up laying in the back of the van thinking I had torn an acl and dislocated my knee. After my neighbors got my bike put away, locked up my house and then called for an ambulance. Got xrayed at the er and my tibia is broken in 2 places right below my knee.

I'm laying here with ice feeling very sorry for myself. Getting taken care of by friends and my uncle. Off to Kaiser in Riverside for Otho appt and to see if surgery is in the cards.

I am sooooooo going to miss riding with you all and meeting new people from the forum.

Ride on folks and have a great time!

Oh NO!

I'm very sorry to hear that and will miss seeing you again this year. Nancy was looking forward to meeting you.

I have a EXOGEN 4000+ Bone Healing System that will help speed up your recovery. Ask your doctor about it, it's an expensive system that most insurance companies don't cover. Shoot me a PM and I'll loan it to you if you want it.
You can learn more about how it works here:

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