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Just got my first motorcycle after a few years riding 150cc scooters. Gotta say I ride those fast, too. But cops never slowed to give those a look. Now I see 'em slow and look when on my FZ6. It's RED (we all know what that means....FASTEST color) and has 90 more ponies then my scooters. Just a matter of time, i figure.

How many speeding tickets have you gotten? Past, present, or future estimates welcome
Ever hear the term "arrest me red"?

Bright colors attract attention. And that's the last thing you want or need. The less you're noticed, the fewer citations you'll receive. Same goes for speeding and abrupt lane changes. There's a time and place for everything, and the sooner you learn when and where, the better off you'll be.

You might consider getting instruction from one of the racing schools and then doing some track days. It's a lot less expensive than paying insane rates for insurance and the court fines for the citations. It's also more fun.
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