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when you find someone that needs rescue then what???

what if they're unconscious?

what if they broke their neck/back but you didn't know and they didn't realize it?

what if they're bleeding out of their eyeballs and ears and mouth??

are you certified in CPR? do you have the proper equipment to stabilize a broken femur/back/neck/ankle etc?

do you carry a winch to get an injured person up the side of the mountain?

great idea and I agree the Sheriff/Forest Service fucked up on this situation, but anyone riding/hiking/camping/etc in the wild, needs to have an out plan. whether it be a Spot/locator beacon or always riding with a buddy or having the proper gear to spend a day or two where ever you lay.

more and more people think they will be saved. wrong mentality. yes, if you subscribe to Spot you hope it will help you but don't rely on it and don't ride over your head.

when I ride alone, I take it down a notch. I also carry (to some people) way too much shit. but I wanna be prepared. even if I know there is civilization within a few miles.
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