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Originally Posted by flynride View Post
Didn't an outside volunteer on a Moto find the biker?

The whole point of this is that certain people who are very familiar with specific areas are available to help with specialized and use specific equipment. They should be listed, vetted and available for use.

This will never happen though because of political correctness and current bureaucracy in local government.
I don't live in Calif. and don't know who found the biker. If it was a volunteer who was allowed to search, then what is this thread complaining about?

At least here out East, search and rescue teams are composed of local people who ARE familiar with specific areas (ie, local fire/rescue, forest service, etc.). People who are "specialized" and "use specific equipment" ARE a part of these teams (ie, high-angle rescue, confined space rescue, mountain rescue, swift water, ice, etc.). We can use highly specialized equipment (climbing gear, ATV's, rescue sleds, infrared cameras, helicopters, dogs, etc.). How many lay-people have access to such resources? The truth is, there are a lot of variables and sometimes rescue efforts fail and people die.

Not sure what you mean to imply by "political correctness" and "current bureaucracy". If you mean that governmental agencies don't want to let lay-people engage in dangerous activities (like mountain search and rescue) because if THEY get hurt trying to help the government is liable, then, yeah, you are right!
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