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Originally Posted by Mr. Cob View Post

Should I ever make it to your side of the continent, it would be my pleasure to tip a brew with you and hopefully share some miles in the saddle with you.

However when it come to beer, I must admit I was very disappointed in the beers that I sampled whilst in Oz. Now don't take this the wrong way, I fully understand you blokes may still carry a grudge against the Brits but the bloody bastards do how to brew a good beer and the Belgians are the beer masters at least in my experience.

The next time I come to Oz I think I'll stick to drinking whisky but I'll have to smuggle in my own its to bloody expensive down under.
G/day Dave,

I totally agree with you re Oz beers, they use to be amongst the worlds best brews, but nowadays most are crap compared to O/S beers. Exceptions are Coppers, Cascade, and James Squire.

For those who don't know where Dave lives (east of Seattle, Washington State) the North West area of the USA is dotted with more micro breweries, then anywhere else in the US, and generally produce far better brews. Yes folks, the Yanks have finally learnt the craft of brewing good beers, and cheap, about 6 to 8 US$ for a 6 pack, bought anywhere.

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