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Originally Posted by 3legs View Post
Dave (Mr Cob) if you happen to pass through Adelaide, South Australia let me know.

Hey McCardigan. Is Rommell alive? Post some photo's.

G/day Alex

Rommell is quietly resting, in a million pieces mind you, in the back shed. But I have decided to resurrect him. All repair work, modifications have been done, thanks to Grumpy. But until now I have lacked the time and desire to rebuild him. Now I have an incentive to resurrect Rommell, and there is method in my madness, a dream of mine is to buy a 2wd Ural in America, and head for Russia and westwards via Canada and Alaska

But 1st I have to rebuild the Tuck Truck, oiled soaked clutch due to a failed pushrod seal and a tired set of gearbox bearings, which will be completed before I head to India in June, then the OCR.

But I promise, I will put up a storey of the rebirthing of Rommell.


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