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Originally Posted by slowbike smallpenis View Post
Morning / evening / night Dave - just a suggestion, take up Citizenship - admit it the place has you hooked .... and black pudding is plentiful.

Do you have a two wheeled mount lined up at all? - Be thee in a mind to do a road trip east to west?
G/day to ya Mark,

As I type this its 2:10PM Wednesday afternoon here in the Great Nor-Wet.

I have been getting emails from the immigration folks in Oz, from the looks of this correspondence it would appear that they would allow if not welcome me back to your fair country, WHY I keep getting these emails I don't know.

"IF" it weren't so darned expensive to live in Australia, I would seriously consider spending a year or so down under. Alas I could never live there as I am to accustomed to my Merican ways when it comes to firepower and burning gasoline and diesel fuel, I dare say none of my toys would be legal in Oz, be they guns or engine powered vehicles.

As to having a two wheeled mount, I have been offered a couple, I am sure something can be worked out should I make it down there. As to being up for an east to west, north to south, west to east or south to north or diagonally HELL YEAH. Seriously if I ever get down there again I'll try to budget for at least a month maybe more are you up for being a tour guide?

Oh and as regards the "black pudding" I'll take a pass, no offense just not my cup a tea.
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