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When in doubt fill up the tank! Or your msr fuel bottle is no help in the garage!

So last Sunday I went for a group ride through the mountains and covered about 220 miles. By the end my fuel light had been on awhile and I was in a hurry to get home so I pushed my range limit and got home without a problem. At the time I had a msr fuel bottle on me in case I ran out. Well I had not ridden all week and decided to ride to work just to pick something up. I left my panniers and fuel bottle I the garage because my first stop was going to be a gas station a half mile away. I briefly thought of dumping my fuel bottle in the tank but really how much gas to you need to go 1/2 mile? Well apparently more than I had because I ran out at the bottom of a small hill 1/4 mile from my fuel bottle:(
My wife was kind enough to bring me my fuel bottle without calling me stupid ( but I could see it in her eyes) so when gas is all around don't push your range
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