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Wow. Can't believe it has been 8 months since my last post. Finishing up school and getting a job in December, plus being out of town for said job accounts for some lack of posting. I have acquired an XL350 crank and flywheel for the engine going into this bike. It's not going to be a drop in fit though. I will need to machine the case for the bigger diameter main bearings. I thought I would be able to just swap out the 250 crank bearings, but they will be the wrong size inside diameter. There is plenty of meat in the case to make it work. The only interference will be cutting into the top end oil feed galley. But as a steel shaft that feeds oil from the oil pump fits in that galley, I have room to grind it down so it will rest right on the outside of the bearing race. I will post up some pictures tomorrow of what I'm trying to explain. More to come.....I promise.
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