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Originally Posted by MizzouRider View Post
I hadn't heard about this one, but I've had similar thoughts. Lost a very good friend and riding buddy last week.
John Sour (SourJohn on AdvRider) was hit by a car while riding, and passed a few days later.
He and I had ridden together many many times weekends and week long rides, camped, laughed, and told stories together for several years.
Sure makes you think. I spend a lot of time on the roads. Shoot, to go out and ride the "creek roads" I've got to ride 100+ miles of blacktop.
Sad times.
Jeff, this is sad news about your friend.
I had a close call on Saturday, out for a ride and some dumb ass texting pulls out in front of me!
Could have been ugly!
I listened to the report about the two fatalities on the radio and started thinking maybe I should get out while the gettins good.

Like you, I have been on many long distance trips to some beautiful places, only to have the near misses happen 5 miles from the house.
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